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Identify Essential Data - The first thing that needs to be done is to identify the data that needs to be backed up on a daily basis for proper protection. While it would be ideal to backup all of the data in your network each and every day, some businesses only elect to backup the most critical or essential data in this manner. Non-essential data can be backed up on a weekly or monthly basis, according to your needs.

Choose Backup Techniques - When it comes to selecting the techniques that will be used to backup your data, it is important to match the best options according to your specific needs. There are several choices available to today’s businesses, including incremental, differential, continuous and system image backups. Some choose to layer in two or more options, as a means of creating a more comprehensive and complex backup solution, depending on the security demands of the business itself.

Secure Storage - The next step is to determine where you will store the backup files for safe keeping. Industry experts recommend that one copy should be kept on-site in case of minor data incidents, while another should be kept off-site in the event of a disaster that destroys the on-site copy. It is important to keep in mind that some industries have regulations imposed upon them by government entities regarding the storage of data. This can greatly affect the choices made for the development of storage solutions for your business.

Backup File Testing - It is important to make sure that you test your backup files regularly to determine their value and validity. You don’t want to wait until you are in the middle of disaster recovery just to find out that your backup files were corrupt or not functional due to another issue. Regular testing of your backup files should be done and complete tests that provide a full restoration of data should be done as well to determine just how well the process will work. Ask your technician about other methods used to validate backup files as well
Typical scenarios that can spell trouble for today’s businesses include:
Sometimes a small issue can become a much larger problem that ultimately results in major setbacks for businesses that rely on computer networks and systems for their success. Something as tiny as a corrupt file or simple hard drive failure can lead to lost sales, customers, and clients. Common human errors, such as the accidental deletion of files and folders, can also result in serious losses. It is important to do everything that you can to be prepared for any eventuality and have a plan in place to recover from minor or major disaster.
Stolen laptops or other mobile devices
✦ File corruption that includes customer data or essential accounting files
✦ Employees checking personal email or clicking on encrypted links
✦ Critical system failures (i.e., server goes down)
✦ Corrupted or failing backup media (i.e., tapes, cheap external hard drives, etc.)
✦ Virus infections, being hacked, malware/ransomware (i.e., Cryptolocker) breaches or other potential data corruptions
✦ Malicious data loss by employees (i.e., malicious activities by disgruntled staff)
✦ Accidental data loss by employees (i.e., accidentally deleting files, etc.)

Custom Backup Strategy Development
No two businesses are alike. From the computer systems that are used to the type of industry that you serve, it is important to find a professional IT company that has the ability to develop a custom strategy for data backup and recovery. Everything from the type of data that you store and the security requirements for your business can affect the type of strategy that will be recommended. Make sure to work closely with your representative at Genisys to develop a strategy that will address all of your unique needs and requirements.

Genisys will work with you and your staff to review the unique needs, processes, industry regulations, and demands associated with your business to determine the best options to take regarding the design of your data backup solutions. Our team will perform regular testing and validation to ensure that everything is working according to design and that there are not any vulnerabilities with the backup files or storage.
In addition to these small, yet disastrous scenarios, there are also major situations that can occur in the business work that could also be seriously damaging. Fires, floods, electrical storms, severe weather, theft, malicious attacks, and ransomware can be deadly to a business that is not prepared. It is important to have a comprehensive data backup strategy in place for your business, as well as a professional IT disaster recovery plan. Genisys can help you to prepare for any eventuality to ensure the continued success of your business.
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